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Meeting Minutes 7-21-14

Attendees this meeting: Jenuvyel Jevelyan, Alex Fontana, Paul Coones, Dane Vandewiele, Rhett Jackson, Philip, Robert, Nate and Eugen — Welcome all! Meeting begins. Dane gives update on his Sci-Fi series – Cosmic Embers. Unveiled his flying robot with steampunk gear style features. Also

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Meeting Minutes 6-21-14

As June turned into summer we turned the heat up once more with some CG flame effects. Attendees this meeting: Jenuvyel Jevelyen, Alex Fontana, (Special guest Stirling Goetz from LA Blender), Curtis Randolph, Joseph Boquiren, Dane Vandewiele, Rhett Jackson, Cary Hull, Chris Kerchum,

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