3-15-14 Meeting Minutes

3-15-14 Meeting Minutes

Attended: Interest:
Jenuvyel Jevelyen Head Director and of Modeling
Nate Sullivan Producer/Director, Pipeline Director, Graphic Arts Director,

Full Feature Project  – Lil Red Kap

Alex Fontana Aftermath shorts series, Martial Arts of Chess full feature,

Producer/Director, Production Management (Sound Dept., Pipeline processing,) screen plays, script writing.

Dane Vandewiele Photographer – Film Production —  General Applications
Rhett Jackson Python Programming specialist
Paul Coons Python Programming specialist

Questions raised.

What is the best way that we can transfer files between club members?

Potential  solutions that have come to light from last meeting:

One Notes by Microsoft is now a free app. For all IBM or Mac based computers, and tablets.

Trello at Trello.com

And for Nate’s epic   animation  —-  Redbooth



Several versions shown by Jen




Quality and tutorial sources noted.



NATE’S LIL RED CAP PROJECT: lil_red_kap_test_render_models_week1_sprint

  • Animatics were reviewed along with generalization of pipeline process he is using.
  • Current project focus is on Grandma’s room scene. Any members wishing to expand their skills by assisting in prop / modeling will be rewarded with movie credits and will maintain full CC rights to use their props any way they want, regardless if prop/s is used or not. This is a great opportunity for beginners to practice using Blender while working on a full feature animation.


ALEX’S Overview:


          • Facebook page established. This has been a huge success. Analytics are going way up.



  • Do anything you want with Suzanne Challenge issued.
  • Suzanne Rocket Demo.

Talked about Cycles vs. Blender Render issues of smoke particle/physics special FX.  Even with version 2.7 there are still limitations using particle/physics effects. One work around tutorial shows how to use both render engines of different objects and then compiling the special FX together in Blender’s compositor.

  • Request to expand contacts of Blender club to any artist types, regardless if they are interested in 3D or not. I.E. Musicians (They let us use their music in exchange for 3D animation work. This win/win would produce free YouTube short videos that credit both musicians and their indie music and the animators/modelers.)


Blender 2.70 Screen BLENDER 2.7 report – Big changes coming!

Plasma Solutions has 9 tutorials that explain the various improvements being implemented into ver. 2.7 such as Particles  and Physics systems.

As of March 19th 2014 version 2.70 is available for download !!! Click Here

Next Meeting Agenda:


Blender & CG World News
Tutorial Picks-of-the-Month
Nate’s LRK progress


  • Face/Head base mesh group discovery, facilitated by Dane
  • Suzanne Award hopefuls & pipeline, facilitated by Alex
  • BlenderPDX Visualizers (logo, banner, cover, etc) Forum

User Preferences Convention
Future meetings brainstorming
BlenderPDX May MeetUp
World Blender MeetUp Day

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