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The Portland Oregon Blender User Group was first established on October 7th, 2012.

Originally referred to as the PoorBug or PoorBugs, the club, like the 3D annimation software (Blender) is free and open to the public.

As of April 2014 the club has grown to be number 3 in the nation.

In addition to this website, we have a Facebook page, meet virtually on Google Plus and have monthly in-person meetings at the Art Institute of Portland.

For direct contact, please email us at BlenderPDX@gmail.com

This is driving me crazy. When I select a vertex in edit mode, and shift click another vertex to try and select it too, IT DOESN'T DO IT. This is new behavior. What happens is the Translate menu opens, as if Blender expects me to move the point.

However, when I Alt-click loops and then Shift Alt-click to select another loop, this works as expected.

What is happening???

Any chance any Blender activists are headed to Spokane? ...

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