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What is the best method for animating a fade between two planes?

At the May 2013 Blender User Group in Portland, our group was approached with a question: What is the best way to animated between two maps in Blender? There were a couple of parameters that needed to be met: The

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Blender Sample Line Tool: Cool feature not in AE

The PoorBug Group has been working with a local director to put together a music video and I think we’ve all be pushing our VFX skills a bit. One thing that’s proved challenging is the fact that the greenscreen has

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First Meeting PorBug Blender User Group

The first ever official Portland Blender user group meeting (PorBug) took place on Saturday, October 13th. After getting a couple of housekeeping/business out of the way, we had the opportunity to see projects that people in the group are working

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