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TotMs Past and Future

TotMs Past and Future: Themes of the Month (TotMs): If you haven’t been involved in any B-PDX meeting recently, then you’ll want to know about one of our more successful learning formats, suggested by Rhett. TotMs are excellent opportunities for

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Day Dreamers Productions’ Call for Assistance with Flocking Birds

As stated in the meeting, I am looking to put birds flying into two shots in my short flocking away as an earthquake happens like this when it happened in Nepal The first shot is a high one and

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Jen’s Book Review for Villar’s “Learning Blender”

At first glance, I wondered how well Villar’s book and companion videos would be over other Blender books and video tutorials. His materials proved to be much more effective. The two other Blender books I’m familiar with cover all of

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How To Generated a Virtual Infinity of Planets?

Jenuvyel seeks to generate a virtual infinity of planets. THE GOAL: In my sci-fi space exploration game, players will be searching for as many planets as they can. Older, less sophisticated games had tens to (at best) a couple hundred

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Having at least one PoorBUG group-effort project going on at any one time is one way we could engage and educate each other.  It would also give us experience in team and pipeline coordination, of which CG professionals are often

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