Blender Sample Line Tool: Cool feature not in AE

The PoorBug Group has been working with a local director to put together a music video and I think we’ve all be pushing our VFX skills a bit. One thing that’s proved challenging is the fact that the greenscreen has a lot of challenges, including shadows, inconsistent lighting, to name a few.

Anyone that’s read Steve Wright’s books on digital compositing (Digital Compositing for Film and Video, 3rd Edition), will know that he uses a lot of diagrams and samples, and breaks down shots showing a slice of an image. Comping from After Effects, I was disappointed to learn that AE didn’t have this…which brings me to Blender—it does have this great tool. It’s not immediately apparent where this hidden gem lies in Blender, but it’s there, under the Image panel.

If you’re compositing, switch the render result to the Viewer Node, and then bring up the Tools (T). You’ll see on the right panel a Histogram, Waveform, Vectorscope and lastly, the Sample Line Tool. Use is pretty straight forward but Peter Drakulic Bogachyov has a great video that does a better job of demoing it.

Sample Line Tool

Sample Line Tool

Check it out.

Also just a side tip: When working in the Blender compositor, to quickly attach the viewer node to the node you want to look at, just Left Click on the node, while holding down CONTROL-SHIFT. Very fast and useful shortcut.

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