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World Blender Meetup Day – Meeting Minutes

On August 23+ 2014 BlenderPDX participated in the first World Blender Meetup Day along with dozens of other Blender groups world wide. All were recorded on youtube streaming. While the editing goes on – the majority of links are here. Locally:

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Meeting Minutes 6-21-14

As June turned into summer we turned the heat up once more with some CG flame effects. Attendees this meeting: Jenuvyel Jevelyen, Alex Fontana, (Special guest Stirling Goetz from LA Blender), Curtis Randolph, Joseph Boquiren, Dane Vandewiele, Rhett Jackson, Cary Hull, Chris Kerchum,

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The Evolution of Grout

When first I met Grout, I was looking for characters to help with an animatic for a post-apocalyptic animation. While most grout looks like this –> The Grout I’m referring to though was initially a 3D golem character created by

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Jen’s Top Ten + Blender Clicks

At every meeting Jen has brought us train loads of tips and tricks from his Blender research. Keeping us on track to enhance our modeling skills. Here is links to his last month’s meeting / best findings:  **********WEBSITE ADDRESSES**********  

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Meeting Minutes 5-17-2014

Whoo Doggie, if it wasn’t May CG and animation month than what was? On May 12-18 Portland was host to the NW animation fest,  the biggest animation show in the United States. Nate Sullivan was able to attend on Thursday which

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Shocking — Animal Mascots thrown into Blender

We couldn’t decide. While there was lots of talk about what banner and logo we wanted. Only a few dared to go the distance in making various designs like our beloved Blender PDX BattleDress Logo. And when it came to mascots it

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Suggested Layers format standard

Example of object layer arrangement When working on a project, especially any group project, organization is vital. As a suggestion, use the top row of layers for important parts of your scene, and the bottom row for those you don’t

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Meeting Minutes 4-19-2014

 April was definately a mad hatter party,  as the Portland Blenders had more show-n-tell and techniques to discuss than time on the hare’s watch. To make sure everyone was energic enough to keep up, friends in Hawaii sent chocolates to

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3-15-14 Meeting Minutes

3-15-14 Meeting Minutes Attended: Interest: Jenuvyel Jevelyen Head Director and of Modeling Nate Sullivan Producer/Director, Pipeline Director, Graphic Arts Director, Full Feature Project  – Lil Red Kap Alex Fontana Aftermath shorts series, Martial Arts of Chess full feature, Producer/Director, Production

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Play with Suzanne

    For those that do not know her, may I   introduce Suzanne, the Blender Foundation (copyright free) primary – primate object used for testing various 3D computer graphic effects on a more advanced mesh. Okay ARTISTS – Time

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