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TotMs Past and Future

TotMs Past and Future: Themes of the Month (TotMs): If you haven’t been involved in any B-PDX meeting recently, then you’ll want to know about one of our more successful learning formats, suggested by Rhett. TotMs are excellent opportunities for

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CG’s Uncanny Valley of Despair

Are you scared? You should be. When you spend weeks, months and sadly yes, perhaps years developing an animation character the last thing you want is for your viewers to dislike your work. It looks really good and moves well,

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Shocking — Animal Mascots thrown into Blender

We couldn’t decide. While there was lots of talk about what banner and logo we wanted. Only a few dared to go the distance in making various designs like our beloved Blender PDX BattleDress Logo. And when it came to mascots it

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Portland Blender User Group Meeting – APRIL 19th, 2014

Next meeting at Art Institute of Portland, located at 1122 N.W. Davis Street, Portland, OR, on May 17th from 3:00 pm 6:00 pm. Bring recent projects, tutorials or challenges your facing with your current Blender work. Look forward to meeting

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