Cosmic Embers – A Live Action Sci-Fi Musical

Greetings fellow blender heads, my name is Dane, and I am a filmmaker who is currently working on an epic story driven live action sci-fi musical which is known as “Cosmic Embers”

The story of the film is based around a young genius who foolishly creates a system of artificial intelligence so powerful that it dwarfs the feeble minds of humanity, but this machine is just the beginning. A machine this intelligent will inevitably create a machine more intelligent then itself, and the next machine will create something even smarter. Soon the human race is nothing but dust in the wind. The film explores humanities obsession with themselves, in a world where they are nothing. It examines the possibility that our race shall exist for a very finite period of time. Last but not least by any means, it tells of a tale of a very human man, who makes mistakes, in this case perhaps one of the greatest a man could possibly make, and how he learns to come to terms with that mistake. How he learns to live on, fight on, and become a better person despite what he has done.

On the technical side, I would like to start by creating a visually stunning short teaser, we will use this to try and get people excited for the project, and to get funding. I would like to hire a team to work full time on the project, and of course gain enough money to build cool costumes and travel to awesome locations for shooting. as well as hiring quality actors to give us the performances we need to drive our story into the hearts of our audience, to make the laugh, make them cry, and make them fall in love with our characters.

On the CG side we would be building mostly mechanical creations, to represent a technological singularity (if you do not know what that is take a look at this article, if you read 25% of it you should have a solid understanding of what a technological singularity is )

Anyone interested in working on the project send me an email at:

Dane Vandewiele
Arkunstone [at]
Cosmic Embers YouTube Channel


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