Day Dreamers Productions’ Call for Assistance with Flocking Birds


As stated in the meeting, I am looking to put birds flying into two shots in my short flocking away as an earthquake happens like this when it happened in Nepal

The first shot is a high one and the birds will be really small in frame but still need to flap and fly all over the place even though they are dots

The second shot is a green screen shot behind the actress medium CU and is the birds flying away from her to the distance.  Since it will be at night during a lightning storm, they will be seen fleetingly but still need to flap and fly away randomly like they are in the video.

Also, even though I am using salt to fall over the side for the waterfall, I still need water simulation for the river and the actual breaking apart of the waterfall as it falls and blend it into the salt and use the salt as a lighting reference like the water does when it goes over the falls in this shot.  The falls I am blending in but still need wat4er simulations for the river on both the top and bottom of miniature in a few shots.  I am also shooting silver balls for hdri

I can do the rendering of the scene on my box when I load it with Blender.  I just need the project files set up.  How much would you charge to set up the projects for me to render and please keep in mind this is for a short film for film festivals.  Also I am on a mac.  Not sure if that makes a difference.

This is how the shots will look in the end with flashes of lightning etc. This was when I was shooting it on the canon 7D and am now shooting it on the black magic 4k production camera

If we could get together again to discuss the shots, etc, that would be great

Clayton Von Isaacs
Day Dreamers Productions

(503) 954-0726 (if I answer as Metro Chimney, that is me.  I also own a chimney company as well and it is my main thing I do at the moment)

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