Editing & Final Output

Oh man, are we almost done making a movie? Please tell me its true.

Well sort of. Now all you have to do is take all those wonderful renders, compile them into timed film strip files, replace them in the storyboard animatic, reload the refined VFX and AFX (visual and audio affects), time it, add any text for credits and comments such as all the other people that had to help you get this monster done, possibly work it a few more times through the compositor to get overall theme lighting and color; plus a few hundred other tweeks and then maybe you can post it on Youtube or send it to a distributer so that they can get it out to your audience.

While marketing and advertising still might be ahead of you, most of the mashup from the inside is now completed. Or is it? As technology changes even George Lucas had to upgrade his Starwars episodes, but then that was for his 25 year old collectors series.

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