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  1. Soggy says:

    Hey, I Would love to attend the meeting. I’m quite experienced in blender already but I would really like to attend.

  2. Doug Leonard says:

    hi… i’m a designer from oregon city and am interested in learning the basics of blender. i’m self-taught in gimp and inkscape.

    i have a ba in theatrical sound design, engineering and acoustics from ariz state and am a former walt disney imagineer.

    anyway, would anyone mind if i attend the meeting in august to check things out?

    • Jenuvyel says:

      Hi Doug!

      Sorry for the belated reply. I must have missed your comment the last time I checked in.

      Absolutely, you should attend the next meeting, and every meeting you can make it to thereafter. GIMP and InkScape skills of any level will be warmly welcomed. And our membership and participation is completely free and open. Just show up.

      I will add your email address to our BlenderPDX directory before mailing out the latest meeting details.


  3. Jed Fox says:

    I will be in Portland the days of June 6-8, 2014. Are there any events planned for this period?

    • PwrPen says:

      Hi Jed,

      Not at this time. We are currently ramping up the website, google plus and our FB pages has most of the current stuff going on. You can catch all of this from new links on our “About” page and can always drop in and virtual chat through google plus. Is there a specific area of interest that we might be able to connect you to?

      Thx. Admin A.

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