Fire Monkey the SM Collaborative Project

So you want to be part of making an animation.

Glad you could come.

As the year of the Fire Monkey started, an idea arose.

A short animation script:

A comedy about a primitive monkey before the age of man that meets a monolith. Sort of like the monolith in the start of Space Odessy 2001, except this slab of space rock only teaches one word … “Collaboration.” The monkey gets the idea, but in  typical monkey fashion does his own ego thing. The monkey’s misdirection causes a comic backfire of events.

So here is how this animation game is played:

You want to be a Director. Take over. Or perhaps you just want to do storyboards. That too. Anything in the production pipeline that you want to do, just show or tell us and we’ll make it happen right here on this page by providing you with the links of the files and free open software that was or can be used to do anything you ask for.

For example, a couple of days after the idea of the monkey / monolith, I wrote the screen play using Celtx.

TStupid Monkeyshe screen play, which I called Stupid Monkeys or SM for shortcan be viewed as a PDF: SM Screenplay.

Then I roughed out some landscape shots for the storyboard shown here as a  SM PDF . Stupid_Monkeys_Est Shot 1  If you use Celtx on the Stupid Monkeys celtx file you can play it like a video to see the animatic.

As people join in I’ll update the linked files so that we can all see and join in the fun. Just how fast, far and where this COLLABORATION open source project will go? Well, you tell us.