Meeting Minutes 10-18-2014

Recently Vancover BC hosted the Siggraph. Here is a taste of what went down.
Siggraph 2014 Technology



  • Jevelyan – Modeling,
  • Paul – Python Programming, Briefed on LeapMotion, which is a two camera system, one of which is infrared.
  • Dan – Working on Short – City in the Sea
  • Michael Vincerra – Artist new to Blender
  • Keaney –
  • Evenlya –
  • Nate – Little Red Kapp, and sculpt / topology
  • Cary – Animation and Tin shader
  • Eanon – 7 years with Blender, working on compositing
  • Will – 5 years with Blender
  • Chris – Video and Keyshapes – Linux based Blender systems.
  • Alex – online, Lead Production Coordinator.
  • James – online, 6 years with Blender, working on Private Short Project.

Items discussed:

Cell shading, Pie mode/menus in Blender 2.72, Mesh intersection

Display of Jen’s Stove project. Nate – compositing nodes and layers.


Questions Raised :

How can we directly broadcast Google+ on the wide screen at the Art Institute, so that on-line members can show the entire group what they are saying and doing.?

New member Michael Vincerra is very interested in sculpting process as a way of modeling his character/s.  Retopology would be part of the process in order to get a good mesh. Perhaps we should show the difference between a good and bad mesh.

  • Blender Cookie has at least two methods.

Movie Review: Boxtrolls ??  Each month on the homepage we post a featured animation clip that shows whatever theme or technique is being worked on. For October, Oregon based Laika studios came out with their 3rd stop motion animation that used a new technique of having CG modeling of characters that were then 3d printed. In turn, all character heads had to be 3d graphically composited frame by frame to hide the join lines of the printed material with rest of the claymation. This painstaking approach gives Laika a new way of continuing the highly enjoyable quirkyness of claymation and allows for the possibility of also providing more jobs for 3d CG modelers like Blender users. On a side note, Laika in a recent acquisition has just doubled their studios floor space in Hillsboro Or.



Break 2nd part of meeting into paired work groups to work on personal projects. Each person find a partner that can help you with your issue and take the meeting offline as it is too hard to follow.

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