Meeting Minutes 4-19-2014

PDX card 1 v2 April was definately a mad hatter party,

 as the Portland Blenders had more show-n-tell and techniques to discuss than time on the hare’s watch. To make sure everyone was energic enough to keep up, friends in Hawaii sent chocolates to the club, care of Fedex. Future plans could also be listed as everyone received a complimentary calendar and contact cards much like the one shown here, stage left. Once the finger licking was finished and the goodies were gone, Jen lead us right into business by making sure that everyone’s computer had the latest 2.70 alpha Blender program along with the challenge of the month, while Alex guided some of our newest friends into the very basics.

Attended: Interest:
Jenuvyel Jevelyen Modeling
Nate Sullivan Project  – Lil Red Kap
Alex Fontana Screen writing, Generalist
Dane Vandewiele Photography – Generalist
Rhett Jackson Python programming
Paul Coons Game Engine UI
Buzz Gorder Architect – Event Design
Cary Hull Generalist
Eamon Driscoll Channel 4 News – Generalist
Riley Starnes 2D Graphics
Robert Yodlowski Generalist
Lisa Taylor Art Direction
Mark Stec Photography, I.T.

Special guest Buzz Gorder was then introduced. In addition to being a friend of Claymation and Art Institute’s Will Vinton, Buzz had also studied design in his early life at Lewis and Clark University under Buckminster Fuller. Pictured here is one of Fuller’s earlier works
 which is currently being modeled by some of our members.

Having heard of legend and not wishing to be outdone, we then leaped into Show-n-tell.

  • Eamon Driscoll our Blenderhead in Roseburg, drove 4+ hours just to be with us. His vid’s MASHUP and MONKEY were a delight.
  • Cary Hull then blew our minds with what he has acomplished in modeling and animation after learning Blender just 6 months ago. His smooth walk cycles and creations of characters shows at least a decade of underlying experience in art and computer graphics systems. Pixar, if your listening, you need to talk to this guy.
  • First timer, Newby 2.0/2.5 artist Riley Starnes jumped in and showed us his work, which can also be viewed on our FB page.
  • Next up and eagerly awaited was Nate Sullivan. Proudly we say Nate is our own version of director Joss Whedon, and like Fire Fly, his Little Red Kap is showing signs of Buffy brilliance. In his summary, Nate showed us renders of everyones supporting modeling collectively and where he’s at with the shots for Granny scene. One teaser has already been posted on his page and another has been requested for the international blender conference in August.

Inspired by all, Jen then brought us back to the reality of what it takes to make things work as we dove into beveling and paneling tricks of modeling.

Alex then gave a presentation on how and why we should strive for the Suzanne Awards, especially since we were invited to the conference this year. It was at this point that Alex presented Jen with the Corkman Award. In starting tradition the Corkman Award is a cork puppet given to the person who has contributed the most towards modeling, and the club, with an eye towards going forward with rigging. Recipients are then to enhance Corkman and present him to whomever they like, for whatever reason they think deserves merit.

Alex then presented an overview of the “Pipeline,” which shows what each section of production does in order to make a movie from start to finish. Of note were Blender layers  for file sharing and our recent Facebook survey that showed the number one interest on Screen Writing. Not surprising, since without a good story, the animation gets overlooked. Both of these and other aspects will be featured in a new tab on this site — The Pipeline.

At this point we were already in overtime, having covered only 2/3rds of the agenda, but then a very important question was asked, one that I think needs addressing.

“If all these cool tutorials are on-line, then why should anyone meet in person?”

The answer was probably said best by the Irish Spacemonkey,

“BlenderPDX has always encouraged those who show up at our monthly meetings to show-and-tell their CG endeavors.  Regardless of what you give us to post here, nothing beats the immediate satisfaction of interactive presentation with demonstrated explanations, Q&A, suggestive feedback, group progress reports and the enhanced ability to plan and coordinate.  So, note the next meeting and bring sample presentation materials.

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