Meeting Minutes 6-21-14

June2014-Web.pngAs June turned into summer we turned the heat up once more with some CG flame effects.

Attendees this meeting: Jenuvyel Jevelyen, Alex Fontana, (Special guest Stirling Goetz from LA Blender), Curtis Randolph, Joseph Boquiren, Dane Vandewiele, Rhett Jackson, Cary Hull, Chris Kerchum, Stephen Mboha and his friend. — Welcome all!

With a new room at the Art Institute (A.I.) featuring both MS and Mac computers and a double screen for presenters the joy factor went way up as Jenuvyel presented us with his Quick Modeling Challenge.
Alex followed up with an animation mashup showing clips of various projects timed to music of a Portland local artist. The demonstration was to show and encourage working with local artists as part of an exchange program for services rendered. E.G. animation for music, cinema photography for special effects, etc. This segued into some of Dane’s projects.
Dane then exhibited his 3D print of a camera coupling  that he made in Blender. The coupling  joins a lens that would not normally fit on a Canon camera to a his own (Canon) camera chassy. Outside of  his own effort and some tech support from a friend, he was able to make the custom made part for only $13 bucks! To get a view of it you’ll have to go to either FB Dane Vandewiele or FB: BlenderPDX page to get a peak at it.
Dane then continued with the creative flow by updating us on his current movie project. Auditions are now completed, but rumor has it that there is still one spot available for a villian in the new Sci-Fi pilot series.
And there is also a need for a true blue PD (Director of Photography). This is not just a spot for a camera person working with a small crew, but a person who has the chops or desire to perform all aspects of the job, including post editing.
While none of the positions on Dane’s Cosmic Embers are paid, the experience and presteige can be profound for anyone wanting to get their foot into the movie business. Just click on the Cosmic Embers link to check it out.
After that rousing discussion Stephen Mboha showed us some of his projects and how he likes to take rendering capability to the extremes. His comparisons with Blender and CG programs provided a vast baseline of what works best in various situations.
Joseph Boquiren also got his feet wet by showing us some of his efforts as well. By now the crew was already ramped up and chatty as Rhett made a superb presentation of basic Python programing to make your own add-ons and control functions in Blender. Appologies continue as most everyone started talking about the potentials of what Rhett was showing us that he could hardly continue over the discussions. But fortunately he did.

Once again with this three ring circus in full force many planned parts got overlooked in this meeting. There is just too much coolness for one meeting, but here is just a little more.

A wonderful youtube presentation from LA.Blend has been restored after making adjustments for an as yet to be revealed secret technique that will be seen in theaters around November/December. To catch this highly informative presentation look no further … here it is.

 Plans for next meeting are:

ROOM 204 (PC Lab) is our new primary room with room 213 (Mac Lab) as a backup if AiPD schedules conflict.

…..G+Hangout Hookups
…..Quick Modeling Challenge intro
…..Blender & CG World News
……….Tutorial Picks-of-the-Month

…..Python Lab, “Make Your Own Add-on”

…..Lights Convention
…..Future meetings brainstorming
…..Quick Modeling Challenge resolution


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