Meeting Minutes 7-21-14

Monkey Hair subsurfAttendees this meeting: Jenuvyel Jevelyan, Alex Fontana, Paul Coones, Dane Vandewiele, Rhett Jackson, Philip, Robert, Nate and Eugen — Welcome all!

Meeting begins.

Dane gives update on his Sci-Fi series – Cosmic Embers. Unveiled his flying robot with steampunk gear style features. Also showed how he is using Blender for set design and noted that imperial measurements have issues with Blender, so recommended switching all scale projects in metric system. Word is he might be bringing in his teaser, next month!

Jen then showed us the ultra elaborate Victorian wood-burning stove for Nate’s Little Red Kap project. Going over several approaches at modeling

Rhrett demonstrated his cycles world and some of the rendering hurdles that had to be overcome. A good discussion of lighting systems were discussed. The world was accidentally destroyed/deleted in the process a couple of times, but don’t worry – Rhett had saved the world previously so nothing was lost. He also covered a few tutorials.

Jen was able to provide an extensive talk about lighting types and techniques –

Theory & desired end results of light in art:
Mastering Lighting in Blender

Mesh object lights [Cy]:
Blender Tutorial – Softening Light Edges with Cycles Rendering

Spot lights in Cycles:
Blender Tutorial – Using Spot Lights with Cycles Rendering

Blender Cycles – Rendering with Parabolic Lighting versus Traditional Spot Lights

Sky Domes:
Blender Tutorial Sky-Domes (1) by VscorpianC

Blender Tutorial Sky-Domes (2) by VscorpianC

Indirect, or on-screen, Lighting:
Indirect Lighting with Blender

Advanced lighting in blender part 2 (on screen lighting)

Negative Lighting:
Negative lighting in Cycles

Painted Lights:
Painting with Lights in Cycles

Painting with Lights in Cycles 2

Studio Lighting setups:
Advanced lighting in blender part 1 (3 Point lighting)

Advanced lighting in Blender part 4 (lighting in cycles)

Advanced lighting tutorial in blender part 5

Implied, textured, gobo Lighting:
[Blender Internal] Intro to Textured Lighting in Blender 2.5

[Cycles] HowTo Setup Texture Affected Lights In Cycles

[Gobo AND Textured Lighting] How to Create an Underwater Scene

Silhouette Lighting:
Advanced lighting in blender part 3 (silhouette lighting)

Reflective, or Global, Lighting:
How to Create Realistic Outdoor Lighting in Blender

Stage Lighting:
Blender 2.6 – Quick Tip Tutorial – Special Stage Lighting Effects

Material-splitting [non]Light:
[HD] How to make a Desert Mountain in Blender 2-58 (Part #3 – Materials & Textures)

Parts 1,2 & 4:

Free HDRI Sites:

Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Lights add-on:
IES lIGHTS in blender and Cycles

Lester Banks’ IES Lights add-on page

BlenderArtists’ thread to IES Lights to Cycles

– IES Photometric Viewer website

He also covered the following:

– SketchFab Adds Annotations


Separating, Combining, and Introduction to Light Passes in Cycles

Using Blender’s Light Path Node for Cycles


Nate and Rhett both offered topic suggestions for the next MeetUp:  Nate plans show us the latest progress on the Lil’ Red Kap project.  This progress report should be very entertaining, if that big kitty has anything to do with it.

And Rhett suggests (and Jen seconded) that we entertain an open discussion about what all we’d like to get out of each meeting, and how we’ll go about getting it.  But, no need to keep your ideas penned up waiting for the next MeetUp date, especially if you may be unable to attend.  Start the ideas rolling in any of our forums, here below, or on our Facebook event page, or on our August MeetUp page.





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