Meeting Minutes 9-20-2014

Agenda 020 Minutes


Jevelyan (a.k.a. Jenuvyel)

William Shaver

Paul Coones

Dan Webb

David Bragi

Rhett Jackson


G+Hangout Hookups?

Alex Fontana and Robert Yodlowski linked in for about the first half
Blender-CG News:
Mentioned in previous meetings was the potential ubiquitous-ness of 3D printers (just like PCs) in private homes in the near future, and how that will impact great opportunities for 3D artists and designers.  Now comes the news of 3D-printing custom homes (,230,the-future-being-able-to-print-customized-homes-or-buildings)

As noted in Wired Magazine, LAIKA’s BoxTrolls used 3d modelings and 3d printing to create the hundreds of expressions on their characters. While still using the claymation process for scene creation, this opens up a whole floor of need for graphic artists/ cg modelers and cg compositing and 3d printing needs.

To learn more click on Wired Magazine.

Another source for free textures at

Release notes on v2.72 (

Tutorial Picks-of-the-Month
Jenuvyel shared his tutorial pick of the month, Blender Cycles Realistic rock Tutorial (  Thomas Schloegl waists no time in showing how to use TWO subsurf modifiers and THREE displacement modifiers for remarkable results in under 5 minutes.

The new Guru tut on making clouds in Cycles is out!  (

Now that v2.72 Release Candidate is out, maybe it’s time to mention BlenderCookie’s v2.71 overview of new features series (

David [a new attendee this month] shared several of his works, including:  A holographic rotating showcase for jewelry; & a rather humorous animated add for wi-fi hotspots.

Dan [another new attendee] shared his intentions to Blenderize Edger Allen Poe’s “City by the Sea” poem.

WIP Vic Stove 02 Jan Jenuvyel showed the latest additions to the Lil’ Red Kap project’s Victorian stove that he’s been working on for 3 months, now.

Rhett demonstrated an alternative technique to creating the Victorian decorations by shrink-wrapping a curve-modified half-cylinder to your shaped surfaces.

BUG-Storming CG Solutions
The group made suggestions for David’s challenge on making clothes for a human model (a police man on a futuristic Segue-like hover platform for crowd control).  Suggestions touched on retopo, shrink wrap, various techniques and a search for various tutorials, such as Sardi Pax’s shown here.

Future Meetings Brainstorming
William Shaver, returning from his long hiatus for schooling, suggested polygon exercises similar to those that one of his professors conducted in classes.  From that it was further suggested that the group could work on improving the mesh and geometry of any given object.   Jenuvyel’s far-from-perfect mesh for the Victorian stove was suggested as an example target for this kind of group exercised.
On the Monday following the meeting, Jenuvyel met with AiPD’s interim dean, Ali Pitts, to continue BlenderPDX’s relations left behind by ex-dean, Co O’Neal, who has since moved on to a more prestigious position. BlenderPDX@ is expecting to hear back from Ali in a week.
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