The Blender pipeline is a step-by-step general production process of what it takes to make an animation / movie from start to finish.

Tabs under this heading will have links to free and preferred software that has been noted to provide the best current features available and will change from time to time.

For any contributing authors please note and use the tab titles listed below for catagories. This website will then populate your pages or postings under these sections:

1. Concept, Scripts and/or Storyboards

2. 3D Modeling

3. Color/Texturing (Cycles/Blender Render or Both)

4. Rigging

5. Animation

6. Lighting

7. Camera Settings

8. Rendering

9. Compositing and Special VFX

10. Music and Foley / Sound FX

11. Editing and Final Output

When file sharing on group projects we recommend using Gmail for file transfers of files less than 10 megabytes. Only winzip or dropbox when files are over 10 megabytes otherwise this is another time waster.

Using Pinterest for reference photos, will save tons of time between users. Just make a board of what ever pictures you want, make private, and/or then share with whomever you want. All pictures will have original sources listed, and end user can download any pictures for reference work, saving the packing and unpacking process steps.

For team projects the following apps work well and are free from concept to collaboration:

OneNote (now free for Mac and MS systems)

Trello                 (Note: advanced functions require purchase)

Redbooth         (Note: advanced functions require purchase)


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