Promote Your Project

Do you have a CG project you wish to share or get help on?

Send as much detailed info as you can to, and we will post it here for all to see.

Some details to consider:


If you think your project should be protected, consider preparing a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement or whatever is appropriate for any participants to sign.


What can you tells us about your project?  Who all has been involved in it for how long?  Do you have any pictures, rough sketches, concept art, story boards or any other media that can be posted to the site?  Do you have any goals to achieve by certain times?


If you’re looking for assistance, what specific parts are you seeking help on?  What skill sets are you hoping to strengthen (modeling, texturing, animation, VFX, motion tracking, etc)? How much manpower are you hoping to find?


How will the intrigued join you?  What is your project’s contact info?  If you have agreements or the like, how do potential recruits get, sign and return them?

Depending on the size of your group, you might want to establish a group communication system that could include email, websites (FaceBook, KeepAndShare, Wunderkit, a cloud or some sort of FTP for sharing files, etc), and Internet communication (Skype, TeamViewer, other) that will allow group members video and remote computer viewing without physically meeting.

At BlenderPDX we can help you keep tabs on your project and get the word out by including any project-important dates noted on our website’s calendar.


BlenderPDX has always encouraged those who show up at our monthly meetings to show-and-tell their CG endeavors.  Regardless of what you give us to post here, nothing beats the immediate satisfaction of interactive presentation with demonstrated explanations, Q&A, suggestive feedback, group progress reports and the enhanced ability to plan and coordinate.  So, note the next meeting and bring sample presentation materials.

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  1. PwrPen says:

    Dawid, is there some type of Blender assistance that you are interested in for the production of this project?

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