Engines :

Featured in this section will be several sub-posts that show tips and tricks for the growing assortment of render engines which will include:

  • Blender Render
  • Cycles Render
  • Blender Game – Engine
  • Network Renderer
  • Render

Here is an example of what to expect …

Camera settings :

Blender offers a large range of camera settings and the BlenderPDX club has a large cross section of members who are also professional photographers that can explain all those cool buttons way better and in person at any of our actual or virtual meetings. Things like –

Depth of Field in which the subject is in focus and everything else goes fuzzy. In this example you can clearly see the coffee cup while the monster in the background transistions into full focus around frame 120, suggesting to the viewer that the monster may have nefarious plans for mug.

Depth of Field example

Depth of Field example

Tip: When rendering animations

  •  Save file first, before rendering.
  • Render as individual frames, png or jpeg files, not as an animation. This will make the rendering process faster and should there be any hiccups or if the computer should lockup or crash in midstream you can then continue from the last completed frame rather than starting all over.
  • Then compile through Blender using the compositor.

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