Shocking — Animal Mascots thrown into Blender

BlenderPDX Battle LogoWe couldn’t decide. While there was lots of talk about what banner and logo we wanted. Only a few dared to go the distance in making various designs like our beloved Blender PDX BattleDress Logo. And when it came to mascots it was more of the same.

Some wanted Suzanne, the blender monkey head.

Some wanted the Oregon State Beaver, but then the University of Oregon Ducks started quacking about being  left out. Almost every blenderhead in the NW had an idea, but where was the model?

We did know that we wanted to show that :

  • Blender is collaborative
  • Blender is adaptable
  • Blender PDX club, located in Portland Oregon, is open to everyone.

And we didn’t want an argument in the process. But what to do?

So we took everyone’s suggestions and put it in a … blender … (grinding sound)

And this is what we got…

 Wait for it,

wait for it,

created by A. Fontana cc

created by A. Fontana cc

What we truly know about them.

Platypus is a mammal, yet he has a duck bill that uses electronic impulses to find his pray in the dark and under water. He lays eggs, has a wishbone like  a bird, webbed feet like an otter, tail like a beaver and he’s highly poisonous! Yes, there are actually small spurs with VENOM sacks on his back legs that inflict excrusiating pain and can kill small animals or children.

Created by A. Fontana cc

Created by A. Fontana cc

For a copy of this fully rigged model or more info of other weird ANIMATED creatures made in the Great NW like this guy, come to any of our club meetings each month and we’ll be happy to help you create one of your very own little monsters. You can always find the meetings under our home page or events tab.

Tell then, have Blender best wishes.



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