Suggested Layers format standard

Example of object layer arrangement

When working on a project, especially any group project, organization is vital.

As a suggestion, use the top row of layers for important parts of your scene, and the bottom row for those you don’t use or change often (or for alternatives for the top row). In a staged set involving mainly two actors, you might have the following objects on your layers:


  1. Lead Actors.
  2. Supporting Actors.
  3. Supporting Crew (background actors).
  4. Particles and effects (vortex, wind).
  1. Main Stage.
  1. Main backdrops and panels.
  1. Main props (tables, chairs). Little props, fillers, decorations, trappings.
  2. Cameras, Lights.
  3. Lead Actors’ armatures.
  1. Supporting Actors’ armatures.
  1. Crew armatures.
  1. Alternative clothing.
  1. Mesh WIP.
  1. Different stage setup, dimensions.
  2. Different backdrops that could be used.
  3. Other big props that might clog up the scene.
  4. Props WIP.
  5. Additional lighting.
  6. Any backup models in various states of development.
  7. Junk draw     Lights, cameras, etc. from making of model. Nothing from or for the director unless they need to tweak or reference the model.
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  1. Jenuvyel says:

    Can you quote your source(s) for these suggested standards?

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