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Alice: Through the Looking Glass 2016

Art for art’s sake is definitely the reason to see this movie. Any of the clips or special effects by itself is a magnificent example of computer graphic work, blending actors and effects as one. But, if you ever intend

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How to Lip Sync

For this project we started by using a basic face mask mesh available on Blender Swap created by M.Talholodhi under the Creative Commons. The basic mesh has locks on location, rotation and scale.  Hitting “N” to pull up the properties region

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Jen’s Book Review for Villar’s “Learning Blender”

At first glance, I wondered how well Villar’s book and companion videos would be over other Blender books and video tutorials. His materials proved to be much more effective. The two other Blender books I’m familiar with cover all of

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The January Epiphany meeting 1-17-2015

Well if you missed it, you missed it, as January was certainly a meeting of new beginnings.  Here’s who didn’t miss it: PHYSICAL ATTENDANCE (13):  Jevelyan; Alex Fontana; James Gable; Gene Wyatt; Paul Coones; Rhett Jackson; Jason Clarke; Michael Vincerra; Cary Hull;

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Blender Book Review

Learning Blender: A Hands-On Guide to Creating 3D Animated Characters by Oliver Villar My rating: 4 of 5 stars To get your copy click … HERE or to get it directly from Pearson click … HERE This book is well organized

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About the Nov. GIF Header

This November 2014’s website header was created by Alex Fontana taking a background scene and loading it into GIMP. Then cutting out (cropping) over a dozen silhouettes of crows in various positions, removing each of the crows’ immediate backgrounds with

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Meeting Minutes 10-18-2014

Recently Vancover BC hosted the Siggraph. Here is a taste of what went down. Siggraph 2014 Technology   Attendees: Jevelyan – Modeling, Paul – Python Programming, Briefed on LeapMotion, which is a two camera system, one of which is infrared.

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Meeting Minutes 9-20-2014

Agenda 020 Minutes Attendees Jevelyan (a.k.a. Jenuvyel) William Shaver Paul Coones Dan Webb David Bragi Rhett Jackson   G+Hangout Hookups? Alex Fontana and Robert Yodlowski linked in for about the first half Blender-CG News: Mentioned in previous meetings was the

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World Blender Meetup Day – Meeting Minutes

On August 23+ 2014 BlenderPDX participated in the first World Blender Meetup Day along with dozens of other Blender groups world wide. All were recorded on youtube streaming. While the editing goes on – the majority of links are here. Locally:

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Meeting Minutes 7-21-14

Attendees this meeting: Jenuvyel Jevelyan, Alex Fontana, Paul Coones, Dane Vandewiele, Rhett Jackson, Philip, Robert, Nate and Eugen — Welcome all! Meeting begins. Dane gives update on his Sci-Fi series – Cosmic Embers. Unveiled his flying robot with steampunk gear style features. Also

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