Uniroyal Reaction


The Uni on Vacation

Seen here on vacation is our hero, The Uni, who is the worlds biggest badest tire made back in the Sputnik space era of the late 1950s. Hailed as the greatest tire ever. Decades later the tire has been abandoned by its creator and had a hard life alone, until one day the derilict tire spots its creator by chance and goes on the war path. This is a short comedy like the old Roadrunner cartoons.   The Uni-royal Reaction, is a short story now being converted to animation as a club collaboration project.

Goal: Project due date is set for late November of 2014, for submission into indie animation festival of following year as an example of club contributions.


Modeling of objects and scenes, Rigging / Lattices, Animation, etc. (Lots of things to be destroyed by the Uni).


To participate email Pwrpen@gmail.com

This is a great way to both learn the animation process and recieve recognition in the CG world.


Updates will be displayed and discussed at the Monthly club meetings in person and on-line.


All contributers credited for efforts provided, regardless if used or not. All models will remain the property of their various creators, with CC licensing for this project. Besides increasing our skill sets, getting recognition for our efforts along and having a whole bunch of model resources, we’re going to have a blast working together destroying things! So why wait,  join the fun today.

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