World Blender Meetup Day – Meeting Minutes

World_Blender_MeetUp_Day_Logo_w_Text1On August 23+ 2014 BlenderPDX participated in the first World Blender Meetup Day along with dozens of other Blender groups world wide. All were recorded on youtube streaming. While the editing goes on – the majority of links are here.

Locally: BlenderPDX was proud to see presentations from Jevelyan on club developments, Nate on Little Red Kapp and Dane on Cosmic Embers, among others. Unfortunately due to a major house move this writer could not join in the fun foray. Not to worry, though for like you, he is earnestly clicking on the links below for a bit more of Blender International.

World Blender Meetup Website

Talk #00 Welcome / Overview

Talk #01 Melbourne Australia

Talk #02: The project that almost killed me – Fluids for Campaign Coins

Talk #03: Blender Development of the 3D Adventure Game “S.Cargo”

Talk #04 is MIA. IF anyone has the link please leave comment below. Thx.

Talk #05 – Viennese Blend Group Introduction

Talk #06 – LA.Blend (Los Angeles) Blender Group Introduction

Talk #07 – Octane Render for Blender with Sam Vila

Talk #08 – SIGGRAPH Report, Ray and Clovis Update, Online Collaboration Tools

Talk #09 – Freestyle Overview, Level Up! Training, BEER Proposal

Talk #10 – Fairfield County (Stamford) Users Group Introduction

Talk #11 – Shooting Photos for Blender HDR Environment Maps

Talk #12 – Alien Model Sculpt and Retopology Work in Progress Update

Talk #13 – Creating and Signing Abstract Art in Blender

Talk #14 – Blender Cycles Train Model and Nodes

Talk #15 – Motion Capture Animation in Blender

Talk #16 – Introduction to Krita

World Blender Meetup Day, Seattle

Also, of interesting note is the Blender Guru website changes: 

Website Design


News Flash: Alex Fontana might be absent for the September meeting as well, but for a really good reason. He has been been providing technical assistance and will be at the night shoots on a historical WWII combat movie that will be out later next year. Hopefully he’ll have some behind the scenes shots to share in October. Till then, any guesses which movie and who is in it?

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One comment on “World Blender Meetup Day – Meeting Minutes
  1. Jenuvyel says:

    I think #04 is missing due to a miscount by the editors. It happens frequently with Blender tutors posting series of tutorials. But, this is only an assumption. I’ve searched for it.

    If any one should actually find it, tell us.

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